Lauren Alexis Wood

Writer. Humorist. Author. Creative Strategist.

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Why Wouldn’t You Ask For My Number? Is It Because… Oh. Is It This? That’s Understandable.

You’re SO. CUTE. Why Do You Just You Want To Hurt Me???

You’re Retarded. No, You’re. I’m An Entrepreneur.

My Spirit Animal: The 52-Hertz Whale

Doctor Who?

Stupid Fucking Band Concepts That I Straight-Up Snatched Out Of My Ass

Whatever, Lord.

What Are You Into?

Field Notes Confidential

Work With Me

I have worked across a number of industries and disciplines and have written for individuals, business, and organizations of all sizes. My creativity and adaptability is unmatched and I would love to work with you to reach your personal goals and demonstrate your expertise using the power of the written word. I also love to collaborate with other innovative and eclectic writers.

Occasional Entertainer

I have read and performed excerpts from my published work and other written essays nationwide. My unique and humorous outlook is relatable, welcoming, and a breath of fresh air. I’ve been a champion for indie writers for over ten years and though I battle intense social and stage anxiety, I know the importance and power of being able to use your own unique voice to share your unique perspective.

Let’s Connect

I am a prolific writer, with written work published across the genre spectrum. Please browse my library of essays on, grab one of my published titles above, or contact me through my publishing company for collaborations or an appearance request (I’ve done readings, book signings, and group and festival performance appearances). I’m always open to writing for and working with indie writers, authors, and publishers from all walks of life.

About Me

I am a late-thirties artistic, entrepreneurial, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, adventure-seeking, often-times gonzo writer, reader, and occasional performer. I have big ideas and I’m not afraid to see them through.

I’ve written across the genres and have experience in multiple disciplines including blogging, humor, and script-writing.

I am currently working on putting together a tour to show off my published work as well as open a tiny, hidden, independent bookstore and small multi-use artists’ space in my quasi-hometown.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most creative people on the planet and I cannot wait to connect with you.

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Davenport, Iowa 52801

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